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  • Jo Kelly

Encore free workshop: From resistance to freedom, 33 day actor's journey.

Many actors joined the free Magnetic actor workshop last week and the feedback has been inspiring. Check out some chats and messages that came in:

Hilary: thank you so much! This is right up my alley. I have an audition to get ready for so this was SO helpful. Looking forward to working & playing with you. Jean: hope to be able to budget for your class soon as I have a lot of these issues not only in acting but in real life too. Christophe: Dear Jo This workshop was very inspiring, thank you very much. Great!

So, with the excitement around “From resistance to freedom, 33 day actor’s journey”, I’ve decided to host another free online event just in case you missed it or weren't able to experience the tailored coaching some of the other participants got to try out.

Here are the details for you to register:

Friday, March 17th. 10 am pST, 1 pm ET, 18h CET.

And this time we’ll spend most of the time coaching YOU. I want you to get a real feel of what it’s like to work with me. So switch gears and get ready for some FREE private coaching in the hot seat!!

Give me your dirty sticky resistance and I will show you the way back to your freedom.

Cannot wait to play online again soon!!


PS: Oh and yes, you can bring anything you wanna work on Friday:

  • casting fear

  • stuck on a role

  • rejection issues

  • anxiety on set

  • any challenge from the set/stage

  • never able to open up like at home

  • unable to make strong choices

  • etc, etc

Can't wait.

Thanx! Jo

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