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Are you doing it for the applause?

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So the other day, I started working with an actor, I'll call him Boogie, whose ultimate dream was to win an Oscar for a lead role in a movie. Ever wanted that too? Prepared your Oscar speech in advance, anyone?? For a lot of actors, that’s the fantasy that drives their career. But I have bad news: ambition does not = passion. Let me explain: When what fuels your engine is to win an Oscar, or any award for that matter, you are solely seeking recognition - people-pleasing in order to get something in return: validation. Sure, ambition will give you energy and sometimes even a little talent. HOWEVER… passion is a whole different ball game. When passion drives you, you are focused on serving your character. You are doing your job. Whether people like it or not is none of your business. You are devoted, committed, and even accountable! So what I am saying is that as an actor or artist, your job is not to try to be the “best”. Your job is to figure out how you can relate to what your character is all about and then try to get what they need… And that will MAKE you the best! See the difference? Mmmhhh… Not quite convinced yet? Ok, lemme roll up my sleeves and paint you a clearer picture with a long list of problems that occur when you let yourself go for the result, the recognition, the “Oscar”.

  • Your drive is based on a fantasy rather than a passion.

  • You are people-pleasing to get recognition instead of defending your character.

  • You are constantly seeking external validation instead of being present and embracing your uniqueness in order to serve your character’s needs.

  • You are thinking there is a right way to do the scene that will get you a certain result, instead of discovering your more unique and profound choice.

  • You are trapped into a controlled way of acting that does not allow for impulses, instinct and surprises.

  • You are trying to manipulate the future instead of being in the present.

  • You are banking on your ego instead of devoting yourself to your character and his needs.

  • You are going for your dream instead of your character’s dream.

  • You are planning & acting instead of living.

  • You are using your character to boost your ego instead of caring for him/her.

  • You are trying to be “interesting” instead of being INTERESTED.

…is it starting to make more sense? I could continue writing about this the entire day, but in short:


Little analogy… Who do you prefer?

The ambitious car mechanic who will try to sell as many used cars as possible, the more expensive the better, no matter what. OR The passionate car mechanic who will fix cars diligently, so he can enhance them and then offer them to his customers.

Let me know your choice in the comments. ;-) Anywho, now that we have clearly established why it is a waste of your time to try and get any trophy, let’s see what Boogie and I worked on and what actions he took (and you can take!) in order to start doing your job, enjoying your art, and impacting your audience...

  • Boogie committed to being interested rather than trying to be interesting, so he had to give up trying to “look good” in order to step into his greatness.

  • We then started a strict training schedule so that he could begin to rediscover his limitless instinct. By working through his resistance (fears, tensions, blocks) and exercising his instinct regularly, he realised the endless source of energy and impulses that were available to him and that really helped him to start relying on his instrument again without needing to control it. Need a little help with this? No problem. Join me for a FREE LIVE WEBINAR where I'll show show you exactly how you can start that training by yourself and access the energy, instinct and roles you've been looking for.

  • Once Boogie’s instrument was open & powerful again, he started being able to pay attention to his characters. Caring for them. Not needing to attend to his dream anymore, he was able to be curious and authentic in defending them.

It comes down to this guys… You have to become less important than your character. Your needs have to be less important than your character’s needs. And that is key. Hope you enjoyed this story, and let me know in the comments if you are usually stuck in the result trap. What you will commit to from now on? And then let’s watch how things start to shift for you... See you soon for our next coaching story! Jo.

Join me for a FREE LIVE WEBINAR where I'll show show you exactly how you can start that training by yourself and access the energy, instinct and roles you've been looking for.

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