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  • Jo Kelly

If you are passionate but still feel lost, this is for you...

Have you tried every school, famous teacher, mentor & book and still not found yourself to be free when you act?

Are you frustrated over how to reach out in the industry and start building some credits?

If this sounds like you, I get it.

It’s hard. You put a lot of effort into your career, and a lot of money, only to still find yourself stuck… and that sucks! It can make you feel totally depleted, depressed and even wanna quit acting all together to start a whole new and more normal career.

Well, I want to explain… The reason you are going through that is because you think that there is something to fix, that something is wrong with you. And that couldn't be further from the truth!

The reason that famous teacher, fancy method or new book never provides a solution is because you’re focusing on the wrong problem. There isn’t a void for them to fill, and by focusing all your efforts on that, you are missing out on the biggest opportunity.

You are perfect, and to transform, you need something other than someone else’s inspiring teaching!

To find out what that other thing is, watch this exclusive training video from my online community below.

Tell me what you think in the comments. Ask. Share. Complain. And let’s open the debate, so we can go deeper together.

Got Questions?

I've got answers! Sign up below to get access to my online actor community where you can submit your questions for coaching, join in on our next LIVE training and catch any past videos you may have missed.



Whenever you’re ready, here are TWO ways I can help you:

1. Join my free Facebook Group, THE INSTINCTIVE ACTORS’ SOCIETY,

exclusively for actors who are ready to go from good to great and become undeniable.

2. Get on the waitlist for my course, The Reset Journey From Resistance to Freedom,

and stop struggling to access your natural, authentic talent in the audition room or on set. You’ll learn how to reset your instrument to be 100% instinctive and free in just 33 days.

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