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  • Jo Kelly

Do You Compare Yourself To Other Actors?

You may compare yourself to other actors in a movie and think that you'll never be as good as them or that you deserve to be in that movie more than they do. This comparison might extend to your colleagues on set, auditions, or in your acting studio. Social media can also amplify this tendency as you check other people’s profiles and measure your value against theirs.

Thoughts like, “Am I better than the other actors in the audition room?”, “Am I more handsome than them?”, or “Are they more talented than me?” can create a downward spiraling loop, distracting you from your art and fulfillment. This comparison often leads to getting stuck in your ego, diverting your attention away from your character’s needs.

To address this, you might seek a better class or a more advanced acting teacher in an attempt to surpass others. However, even in this pursuit, you remain in the trap of comparison, whether you believe you are superior or inferior. This focus on outdoing others prevents you from being present for yourself and your characters, shifting your attention elsewhere.

When you watch my training you will discover that this inclination to compare stems from societal conditioning. From childhood, you've likely been encouraged to measure yourself against siblings, friends, or classmates. School grading systems further enforce this habit, reinforcing the idea that external validation determines your value.

As an artist, continuous comparison will prevent you from expressing your essence. Trying to be better or running away from being worse hinders your ability to create meaningful art. Impacting an audience or finding fulfillment requires embracing your authenticity, truth, freedom, and instinct, not bolstering your ego.

It's crucial to recognize that you were born perfect, with innate value. Connecting with your true self, rather than striving to become better, is the key. There is nothing inherently flawed that needs changing.

The real work lies in undoing the conditioning that convinces you that you are not good enough and must constantly strive to be better than others. Embracing your inherent worth allows you to tap into your creativity and authenticity, unencumbered by the need for external validation.

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See you there!

Jo Kelly

Creator, The Reset Journey From Resistance to Freedom

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