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You Are Free But You Don’t Have Enough Auditions. Now What?

You may have done all the work you're meant to do as an actor and now feel completely free when you act. Yet, you might find yourself with insufficient auditions. As a result, you're unable to work and demonstrate the freedom you feel when acting. This situation can be extremely frustrating.

When you watch my training below you will discover that looking at this, there are two perspectives to consider. One perspective sees this as a problem beyond your control. You've done your part: extensive training, numerous workshops, and acting courses. However, you have no influence over being invited to auditions. By viewing it this way, you place yourself in a victim mentality, essentially giving your power away.

Alternatively, you can assume responsibility for your career to reclaim your power. Consider the flow of energy from you to the external world as: BE, DO, HAVE. Initially, you embody a certain energy. This drives you to take specific actions, leading to outcomes.

Before taking steps such as attending auditions, meeting with agents, or updating your headshots and reel, ensure you're truly instinctive and free. If not, these actions won't yield the desired outcomes because the essence of 'BE' is missing.

Once you can BE entirely free in your acting, you'll attract auditions and callbacks. People will be eager to collaborate with you. If a particular role doesn't suit you, they might create another that does. Being utterly free as an actor is highly valued. Your creations will be remarkable, and casting directors will notice you because you will be completely present and engaged in the moment.

In summary, to reach the pinnacle of your career, you must fine-tune your instrument until you achieve total presence and freedom. From this state of freedom, you'll grow as an actor, secure more auditions, and expand your career.

Watch my training below to hear all my thoughts on this topic.

After you watch the training, I'd love for you to join in the conversation happening in our private Facebook Group THE INSTINCTIVE ACTORS' SOCIETY. You can get answers for your specific situation directly from me and connect with THOUSANDS of like-minded actors across the globe, so we can move things forward faster together.

If you're not already a member, be sure to request to join ASAP here.

See you there!

Jo Kelly

Creator, The Reset Journey From Resistance to Freedom

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